Serenity by Joss Wheadon

I love Buffy, i incredibly love Buffy, seriously, before even Twilight was under the radar of many wet\horny teen agers, Buffy ruled in my mind.

Someone told me that the Avengers movie by Wheadon are a masterpiece, i have no idea i’m not into the cineheroes too much actually, so let’s take just Serenity of Wheadon . Firefly was good, maybe too smart for many, even if it seemed a smartest version of Battlestar Galactica no one gave a shit about it. Stop and canceled. Serenity is his conclusion and his like a pizza without mozzarella, i’m italian don’t dare to talk about ketchup, Pizza is an italian affair.

Lke Pizza is an italian affair, Wheadon and sci-fi are not the best combo. Be serious folks come on, Canniblas in the space? So? What’s new? Too much americanized this Serenity. How is possible that in every fucking american production they put the weight on the fact that after the hero’s great moment everything in the universe will change. So at the end of Serenity they showed the truth about the Alliance, like something that will change the destiny.

Nothing will change, they told us that Saddam had no chemichal weapon, really??? Never thought it was a fake. War is still going and USA politics abroad still sucks, sorry.

Next time Joss.





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