Love and Friendship – Jane Austen in a perfect rococo.

Finally something really artsy. Just finished the viewing of this Love and Friendship, a collaboration between different film commissions and the final score is: outstanding.

Based on a short epistular novel of lady Austen titled Lady Susan, it shows us the grandeur of the beginning of “burgoisie”¬†power period that will lately have an explosion in the masterpieces of Goethe. Frivolous and extremely detailed dialogues, a wondeful taste for a dressing code that has still fashion on us.

The plotting Lady Susan , widow who tries to put in her net a young gallant bachelor, lord Reginald. The work of reconstruction has been amazing but what will show us the real grandeur are the dialogues. Even the insults are written in such a poetical way that everybody will love to be insulted like that.

A movie not for everybody.




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