Memetic – Catastrophy on facebook

I hate social media! That’s why probably my posts are not read so much.

In recent years i noticed that writers or blogger or e-stars tend to concentrate on themselves the audience more than the content of their creations. So we are individualistic? But what if an hidden force move us, undresses us from  our human connotation and let us become gigantic tower of hopes?

A complicate thought yeh?

Memetic starts from a meme and end with the end of the world, an image appears on the net (reddit or instagram, and i have nothing of this) and after the first euphoria everybody changes into something called the “screamers” and of cours have cannibalism as hobby. WTF??? Why in every apocalypse should be a cannibalistic moments?

American are good in creating good colours and interesting acid visions with their comics and of course superheroes. But regarding very complicated topics? Trust me the japanese are on top of the world for that.

Soemthing already seen developed nicely.

No more than that.




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