Yiya – When you try to not explain!

Once in a while i dedicate some more time to certain works. My idea is still the same like : 10 lines no more , random thoughts, just a suggestion to read. Not a review. Reviews are boring, just watch it by yourself or read it.

It will happen that i’ll talk about something really famous (Batman the Killing Joke), but never too much words. Yiya is a french work, as italian we don’t deal well with french, but this is something i can’t exactely define.

Yiya is not complicate, it tries to be, it puts a lot into the middle and solve nothing. But does not solve nothing, not because the author had no idea, it is on purpose. Here we have basically everything. Indiana Jones who meets Tomb Raider who meets Blade Runner who meets Back to the future. A heroin who has a secret (never explained), an alchimist a treasure, russian prostitutes, a man abused by women cause is the last one left on earth and he seems very happy.

Everything incomplete. But was it a dream? It doesn’t seem so at the final picture.

It ‘s complicated this Yiya and till the end you won’t understand, even  whe it finishes you won’t understand, But you’ll like it for this reason , no complicate explanation like i have seen before. There is no eplanation and looking at the final you’ll agree. There was no escape room.

Very good even if french 😛



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