Abandon the old in Tokyo – Japanese solitude.

A forgotten Author who’ll probably find his glory after death.

Yoshihiro Tatsumi is probably the one who invented the  japanese indipendent movement, unfortunately for him only someone in North America took care of his maserworks. Honoured by a movie of a Singaporean indipendent director, Tatsumi has died recently in 2015. As often happens in these cases the author is re-discovered for a new wave of enthusiasm by the readers.

This series of short stories as usual points the finger on the crude japanese society as already explained by myself; so far from the moe and amazing school life with people with violet hairs.

The japanese are harsh, particularly against those in lower position, and probably coward people. Here we can see this, no disillusion or faith, just a cynical analysis.

Not a masterpiece but incedibly human.




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