Time to shift to english

I have never give much weight to this blog, it was just a little entertainement and will remain so, but i think, just to have a little more crowd, is time to shift to English Language. Is not my language at all, but since i moved from my country, almost one year ago i only used it., so native english speakers be mercyful. I take this decision ‘cause really i believe on the quality of the readings i do and i have so muche to say about for example, movies books, comics of so high quality that would be useless only for an italian crowd. 

So starting from next week’s  “thoughts” i’ll use english and enlarge to movies and books too, this is the list of things that will appear here in the next weeks not in order:

  1. Film: Arme Riddere.
  2. Film: In Bruges
  3. Film: Death at a funeral.
  4. Manga: Abandon the old in Tokyo
  5. Anime: Baka to testo
  6. Manga: Barakamon
  7. Manga:Cigarette Anthology
  8. Comic: The Transfomers: Autocracy Trilogy
  9. Comic: Ether
  10. Book: The whole Man by John Brunner

and many more, see you around so.






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